About the Journal

The New Scholar is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal at the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University. Our mission is to enable pioneering academic collaborations within and among our disciplines, ranging from Philosophy to Linguistics to International Studies. For our first issue, we welcome submissions in English, Dutch, Spanish or German from all students of the Faculty. Please, keep in mind that this part may vary per issue due to the language skills of the student editors.

Dedicated to cutting-edge scholarly practice, the online journal is fully open-access. While focused on excellent papers, it is open to submissions in new media formats, including video essays, posters and infographics. And it is global in outlook, based on Leiden’s strong tradition of engagement with Asian, African and American cultures. We make top level scholarship highly accessible and engaging for every student. 

The New Scholar was formed in 2022 to give a platform to the regularly outstanding papers and presentations by students across Leiden’s Humanities Faculty. Run by a team of passionate student editors, the journal provides the first route for such works to make their proper impact. This way individual projects become shared, promoting intellectual teamwork in the Humanities. While collaboration in these geesteswetenschappen (Humanities) is less common than in the natuurwetenschappen (natural sciences), we are dedicated to showing that conversation is essential to cultural understanding.