De Priesterkeizer uit Emesa - Het religieuze beleid van Elagabalus


  • Eden Dijkstra


Ancient History, Elagabalus, Elagabal, Sol Invictus, Roman History, Roman Religion, Roman Imperial History, Queer History, Ancient Authors


Roman emperor Elagabalus (r. 218–222) is considered to be one of the most controversial rulers the Roman Empire ever had. Elagabalus is known from the ancient sources for their extreme sadism, sexual perversions, and the possibility that they may have been one of the first attested transgenders in history (hence the use of they/them). In this paper however, I will focus on another scandalous part of Elagabalus’ short-lived reign: the implementation of the cult of Elagabal, an indigenous Syrian god, and the subjection of the traditional Roman pantheon to this god. This essay examines whether the fact that Elagabalus adhered to a marginalized religion contributed to their bad image and later damnatio memoriae.